Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Slot
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Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Slot / Microgaming

Meet Max Damage and the Alien Attack, completely unique slot game from Microgaming that has nothing in common with any existing classic online slot. This video slot is built in the style of the space arcade game where the players are given 6 lives and 9 different levels to pass them and get wins. Maneuvering spaceship, players need to shoot down as many enemy spaceships as possible and avoid enemy shots to go to the next level.

The control panel allows you to move your ship left and right, to make the shots and choose the type of weapon. On the third, sixth and ninth levels of the Max Damage and the Alien Attack slot game online players will have to fight with huge enemy ships, bosses, as well as in the old arcade style games. A certain number of destroyed enemy spacecrafts will provide extra bonuses in the form of protective shield, weapons or additional life.

How to Play Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Slot for Free

Old style Max Damage and the Alien Attack arcade slot has no reels and paylines, but it can be called online slot. This is absolutely new type of slots, where you can not only play with enthusiasm and excitement, but also to win. Try it out for free, as developers provided players this opportunity. Probably you will find unusual the absence of such buttons as Spin, Bet or Line in the beginning of the game.

But recalling fascinating arcade shooters from the past, you will quickly master few different buttons to control your space ship and plunge into the nostalgic atmosphere. Max Damage and the Alien Attack is more than bright game. Each of nine levels is designed in a variety of colors and allows you to fight different enemy ships. Free mode prevents you from spending your money, so you can explore this fantastic game to get a lot of fun.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Online Slot for Money

There are no winning combinations in Max Damage and the Alien Attack online slot. Therefore the first question that real money players are interested in is how they can win money in this case. It’s easy, because you get payouts for downed enemy ships. And the higher the level of the slot game, the more profit you receive for each destroyed space ship. Winning prizes are paid at the end of each level.

The game also has a table with the results, containing information on the best players with the number of points collected and date of games. There is opportunity to get extra life to extend the game and win more. You can earn it by capturing a few spaceships. Additional life and other bonuses will drop down after you shoot down one or more ships. You need to catch bonus icons to use them in the game. With each next Max Damage and the Alien Attack level you can earn more money.

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